Prana OT has MOVED!  We are excited to announce that we are now located in Bon Air, VA.  We love the convenient location and the new space!  Be on the lookout for website updates including pics of  our new home.                                                                9017 Forest Hill Ave 1A        North Chesterfield, VA  23235

Prana OT is an occupational therapy practice in Richmond, Virginia. We emphasize an integrated approach to understanding and treating the whole child.  At Prana OT, we use various modalities including sensory processing/sensory integration, cognitive strategies, purposeful activity, and mind-body interventions such as yoga and mindfulness. We work with children with a variety of abilities including those who have experienced trauma and related mental health difficulties as well as those who may be diagnosed with autism, ADHD, or learning disabilities. Many of our children may not have specific diagnoses, yet struggle to regulate themselves, make friends, or perform daily activities at school or at home.

As individuals, we have interdependent processes that, together with personal experience, influence who we are and how we learn and develop physically, mentally, and emotionally. At Prana, we believe that it is imperative to try and understand how these processes affect one another, to address them simultaneously, and to educate and coordinate families and professionals for a comprehensive approach to serving children. We feel that a team approach is essential, including working with parents, teachers, and other therapists or providers.

Prana is a Sanskrit term meaning “life force” or “vital energy.” It is comparable to “chi” or “qi” or “ki” in Chinese, Japanese, and Egyptian traditions, respectively. It refers to a type of energy that runs through our body giving us life and health. Prana is constantly in motion, and we can do things every day to help build and move our prana, keeping us healthy and full of vital energy. We chose the name Prana OT to represent our ongoing vision of serving children and families.  Our services will always strive to build prana and treat the whole child – mind, body, heart, and soul.

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