School Related Skills

Performing within the academic curriculum and/or the school environment is often difficult for children with sensory processing or motor challenges. A child may struggle with areas as diverse as regulating behaviors and emotions, drawing pictures, completing multistep tasks, performing math skills, demonstrating independence in classroom routines, learning skills in P.E, or reading maps in social studies.

Many children with learning and sensory differences may not have developed strong foundations for learning. For example, poor handwriting is a very common difficulty and may be related to any number of factors including: self-regulation, posture, arm (proximal) stability, non-motor visual perception, ocular-motor skills, fine motor development, and/or visual-motor integration. Body awareness, tactile processing, and muscle grading must also be considered.

A full evaluation for school related difficulties is often recommended. Comprehensive assessment better ensures that underlying processes are identified and understood for appropriate and targeted intervention.

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