Evaluation & Consultation

We provide comprehensive occupational therapy evaluations as well as consultations. Standardized tests, structured and unstructured clinical observations, parent consultation, and review of records are utilized to varying degrees.

Children are often referred for a comprehensive OT evaluation with an emphasis on sensory processing in order to assess their ability to process, integrate, and use information from their senses for success in daily life. When differences exist in sensory processing, a child may not perform to expected level in the school, community, or home environments. These struggles can be present across many domains (e.g. learning abilities, social performance, behavior, motor skills, self care skills, etc.) Difficulties with self-regulation of emotions, attention, or arousal are also common.

A full evaluation is required as a point of entry for individual services and typically requires approximately 2-4 hours of evaluation conducted over 2 visits. A comprehensive report is generated and an hour-long feedback meeting is provided. The evaluation includes areas of  sensory modulation, sensory discrimination, motor planning and execution, and related areas of learning and neuromotor performance. Social, emotional and behavioral considerations are also integrated into the evaluation as well as any other areas that stimulated the referral process. Cost is based on age and varies due to the overall time required including the use of standardized testing and report write up.

A consultation visit (in place of a full evaluation) is required as a point of entry for children who have had an OT evaluation elsewhere within the previous year, and who are interested in obtaining therapy services at Prana OT.  This 90-minute visit includes individual time with the child and consultation with the parent.  Consultations may also be helpful when a family is unsure of the need for a full evaluation, and/or in order to gain general information and guidance.  Consultation visits are required as a point of entry into groups if the child is not already receiving services at Prana OT. This gives us a chance to screen current needs and appropriateness for group participation. The consultation visit costs $200.  This fee is credited toward full evaluations if the evaluation takes place within 6 months of the consultation visit.

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